Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lessons from History

We all know that this Saturday with be the 9th anniversary of terrorists attacks on this country by radical Muslims. There has been a lot of controversy this year as tensions rise. With our troops still overseas fighting an unconventional enemy in substandard conditions which are also hard to traverse lest by mode of air.Yet terrorist cells invade America from nearly any point of entrance "unbeknownst" to us. Lately we have seen things from the attempt to build a mosque on ground zero ( which is a direct slap in the face to all who perished there, and a clear rally point for a "victory" of Muslim-sympathizers) and even of a protestant preacher who wants to burn Korans in public. In reference to the later I say let him use his first amendment, they do it. But really what would that solve? Nothing! It's one thing to defend something but to do this would be out of spite and not for the right reasons. Society has shifted whereas all Christians are wrong if they stand up for their faith. Our President does not support us, he sides with them just like he said he would in all of the books he has written, so I'm not the least bit surprised of his actions.Time is coming to an end, where we shall give them what they want. They call it jihad, but I like the sound of Crusade much, much more.

They plot and observe us in every detail and attempt to deride this government and this country; all in the name of Jihad (Islamic Holy War). They burn and bomb churches all over the world. They kill innocent clergymen, who spread the Gospel to the four corners of the earth. They burn our national flag; and seek protection under our First Amendment. They mock Jesus as no more than a prophet, denying Him being God; just as they speak lowly and down right insulting of His Mother (the Mother of God) the Blessed Virgin Mary. All this in the name of "Allah", a God which they proclaim to be the same God that Jews and Christians worship. And at that moment the "BS" flag was raised to the top of the flag pole. Any bumbling idiot should see the contradictory logic of which the Muslims would so instruct their faithful. Clearly if God approved of Jesus and proclaimed Him as the Son of God; which we know to have taken place as He was being Baptized by St. John and furthermore set aside from humanity while still being in and a part of it through the conception via the Holy Spirit upon a woman who Herself was set aside from other women and is the purest of all women, without the stain of original sin. It can not be denied that the "god" they call Allah, is not in any form or being as that of the One True and Triune God!

Muslims are heretics, end of discussion. They are taught in the Koran to convert everyone even unto the sword, which is where they feel justified in the use of violence amongst those outside of their faith called "kafir" or infidel. The Muslim faith was created by none other than that old serpent, the dragon named Satan. It was created for the sole purpose of undermining the Catholic Church and killing its members. It has already affected France where priests can't walk down the street without being spit on and verbally assaulted by so called peaceful Muslims. Are we to be next? History has shown us time and time again that the only force strong enough to defeat Muslims is none other than the Catholic Church, so they work extra hard to chip away at Her steel defenses. But try as they might they can never stop Holy Mother Church!

We Christians are taught to live by Christ's example, and most often eluded to is the "turn the other cheek". Whereas this is very Christ like, He said it Himself; there is also a time to defend our City, the Church Militant, the Church Herself, even down to the dogma and teachings. Just as Kings David, Soloman, and warriors like Joshua took up arms to defend this very concept of national religious merger in Judaic State of Israel so should we defend Holy Mother church if she is encroached upon by such heathens. Holy Mother Church exceeds the boundaries of countries and encompasses the entire world. It is the only vehicle of salvation. All Christians should hear the call and rally around Her (hint to our protestant brethren) because then, and only then will we be so formidable a force to stop the evil that is Islam.

Now the title of the post is lessons from History and that is what I will present here, however the tone needed to be set. Now let us look at several moments in history where the solidarity of the Catholic Faith subdued Islam. The start of the Muslim conquest of the world began around 635 with the Byzantine Empire and can probably be argued as still in progress. Lets start in the year 711 AD. The Moors under command by Tariq Ibn Ziyad from Northern Africa disembarked in Gibraltar and campaigned northward into Spain. After a decisive battle, the Visigothic kingdom collapsed and over the following decade most of the Iberian Peninsula was brought under Muslim occupation, save for mountainous areas in the northwest Galicia, Asturias and largely Basque regions in the Pyrenees. The conquered territory, under the Arabic name al-Andalus, became part of the expanding Umayyad empire. The Muslim force then moved northward into France but luckily was stopped by Charles Martel (Charlemagne) in 732 Ad at the Battle of Tours (Poitiers) and eventually they were only able to control intermittent areas until 975. With no where else to go but south, Muslims began to make Spain a stronghold. That was until 722 at the Battle of Covadonga where Spanish Christians put up a resistance and is known as the start of the Reconquista. This was nearly a period of 800 years. My Surname "Aguilar (eagle-eyed)" originated from this historic event.

Spain at this time was divided into five separate and independent Christian kingdoms and the Muslim Stronghold of Al-Andaluz was at the southernmost tip (Cordoba). Spain as we know it today did not exist as a unified country. They were stricken with internal quarrels and all other human factors to great to go into detail at this time. Soon they were able to unite under the Catholic Faith and began to use the Crusading ideology, and indeed numerous Christians came to participate in the Reconquista as penance. Several Orders of Knighthood were formed; namely Santiago de Compostela, Calatrava and Montesa. Of note however was the formation of Knights Templar sent to Spain. The Reconquista was finished around late 1230's when the Emirate of Granada became a vassal state. However in 1492 their Most Catholic Highness Ferdinand and Isabel launched the Grenada War in order to purge Spain of the Muslims there. This earned them the title Catholic Monarchs. Nonetheless the Catholic Church was needed as the central factor to defeat the Muslims here and it wasn't until then that Spaniards were able to unite.

In 1571 the Battle of Lepanto took place just off of the coast of Greece. This entailed a five hour naval battle between the Holy League (Spain, Italian states, Papal States and the Knights of Malta) against the Ottoman Empire and is known as the battle that saved Christendom. Victory gave the Holy League temporary control over the Mediterranean, protected Rome from invasion, and prevented the Ottomans from advancing further into Europe. It was won because of the simple prayers of the Rosary which were prayed before battle and the men entrusted their selves to the Blessed Virgin Mary as their protector. She, as She always does, interceded on their behalf to Her Son Jesus who in turn granted this miraculous victory. This is clearly defined as a key victory and was successful because the crew relied on the teachings of Holy Mother Church and their Catholic faith.

In 1683 the Battle of Vienna was fought by King of Poland John III Sobieski (Holy League) and the Ottoman Empire. This battle was won by Polish Hussars, German and Austrian forces as the Turks attempted to lay siege to the City. A mass was held before the battle for King John and his nobles. The most extraordinary Cavalry charge was made that day as the Winged Hussars charged into the fight breaking the lines of the exhausted Ottomans causing confusion which turned the tide and resulted in retreat, the cavalry headed straight for the Ottoman camps, while the remaining Vienna garrison joined in the assault resulting in a victory. King Sobieski was famed to have said "Venimus, Vidimus, Deus vincit" - "We came, We saw, God conquered". The battle marked the historic end of the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe. King Sobieski using his Catholic Faith had entrusted his kingdom to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Czestochowa) before the battle, Pope Innocent XI then established the feast of the Holy Name of Mary in commemoration of this victory of Christian forces over the Muslim forces of the Ottoman Empire.

The point is to be peaceful, however when it comes time to fight; we fight with the One True God (Father, Son and Holy Ghost), Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Michael and all the Angels and Saints in our corner under the Banner of Holy Mother Church, the true Church, Christ's Bride the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. That's a whole heck of a lot more than a book filled with some desert nomad's opium induced day dream account filled with heresy!

May God soften their hearts, and lead them to the right side, free them from the clutches of the devil, and convert them and the whole world.

St. Michael, Defend Us!
Gloria Patri, et Fili, et Spiritu Sancto. Sicut erat in principio et nunc et semper, saecula saeculorum. Amen.

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