Saturday, May 30, 2009

Degree schedules

Brothers all, and chosen Candidates

Here are the degree schedules:

1st degree (Charity)- Fayetteville 6/10/09 @ 6:30pm and 7/8/09 tba

2nd (Unity)- Apex 6/6/09 9am

3rd (Fraternity)- Garner 6/6/09 12pm

If anyone would like to attend please let me know.

Grand Knight 9001

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2009 State Convention

Its that time of year again. Deputy Grand Knight Jimmy Grace and myself Grand Knight Pepe Aguilar are in New Bern, NC this weekend for the state convention of kofc. We will represent Council 9001, and hope that our council gets some more plaques to put on our wall! We did win 2nd place for the council award last nite at the preliminary meeting! This shows how hard we work! Thanks to Father and all the knights that worked so hard!

We exceeded our goal for OP LAMB, raising $2,670.00 for 2008! Thanks to all the Knights and Deputy Grand Knight and LAMB chair Jimmy Grace for all the hard work that was put in passing out Tootsie Rolls.

All in all it was a very motivating Convention and I look forward in passing that motivation on to every one.

Congratulations to our newly elected State Deputy Dave Jones!!! And our Newly Elected Warden Colin Jorsch!!!

Here is a link to the photos I have taken from the convention:

Also check out the state's site for thier postings:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Papal Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Knights of Columbus around the world are united in prayer with other Catholics, especially those in the Holy Land, for the success of Benedict XVI’s May 8-15 pilgrimage to the that region. In his Sunday homily in Amman, Jordan the pope told Jordan’s 109,000 Catholics: “As the Successor of Saint Peter, to whom the Lord entrusted the care of his flock, I have long awaited this opportunity to stand before you as a witness to the Risen Savior, and to encourage you to persevere in faith, hope and love, in fidelity to the ancient traditions and the distinguished history of Christian witness which you trace back to the age of the Apostles. The Catholic community here is deeply touched by the difficulties and uncertainties which affect all the people of the Middle East. May you never forget the great dignity which derives from your Christian heritage, or fail to sense the loving solidarity of all your brothers and sisters in the Church throughout the world!”

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Operation Lamb A Success

Hello Brother Knights! Jimmy Grace your Operation Lamb goomba reported at our last meeting that this spring Operation Lamb campaign was a big success. The final tally was not in by the time of the meeting but we will know that shortly.

The bigger success was we had some more participation this time out, which is very good for morale. The more people the better, we can have shorter shifts, we all know that many hands make light work.

Jimmy wanted to personally thank the following Knights who dedicated their time:

Chet Pajerski & Boys
Jack Noel
Pepe Aguilar
Curt West & Family
Jimmy's Family

Next campaign he hopes to get even more and maybe we can get those Campbell wrestlers back again! A job well done Brother Knights your service is needed and appreciated.

Least Among My Brethren!

Papal Address Upon Arrival in Amman

"I Come to Jordan as a Pilgrim"
AMMAN, Jordan, MAY 8, 2009( Here is the text of the address Benedict XVI gave today upon his arrival to the Queen Alia di Amman airport in Jordan. He was welcomed by the king and queen of Jordan, Abdullah II and Rania.
* * *
Your Majesties,
Your Excellencies,
Dear Brother Bishops,
Dear Friends,
It is with joy that I greet all of you here present, as I begin my first visit to the Middle East since my election to the Apostolic See, and I am pleased to set foot upon the soil of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a land so rich in history, home to so many ancient civilizations, and deeply imbued with religious significance for Jews, Christians and Muslims. I thank His Majesty King Abdullah II for his kind words of welcome, and I offer my particular congratulations in this year that marks the tenth anniversary of his accession to the throne. In greeting His Majesty, I extend heartfelt good wishes to all members of the Royal Family and the Government, and to all the people of the Kingdom. I greet the Bishops here present, especially those with pastoral responsibilities in Jordan. I look forward to celebrating the liturgy at Saint George's Cathedral tomorrow evening and at the International Stadium on Sunday together with you, dear Bishops, and so many of the faithful entrusted to your care.
I come to Jordan as a pilgrim, to venerate holy places that have played such an important part in some of the key events of Biblical history. At Mount Nebo, Moses led his people to within sight of the land that would become their home, and here he died and was laid to rest. At Bethany beyond the Jordan, John the Baptist preached and bore witness to Jesus, whom he baptized in the waters of the river that gives this land its name. In the coming days I shall visit both these holy places, and I shall have the joy of blessing the foundation stones of churches that are to be built at the traditional site of the Lord's Baptism. The opportunity that Jordan's Catholic community enjoys to build public places of worship is a sign of this country's respect for religion, and on their behalf I want to say how much this openness is appreciated. Religious freedom is, of course, a fundamental human right, and it is my fervent hope and prayer that respect for the inalienable rights and dignity of every man and woman will come to be increasingly affirmed and defended, not only throughout the Middle East, but in every part of the world.
My visit to Jordan gives me a welcome opportunity to speak of my deep respect for the Muslim community, and to pay tribute to the leadership shown by His Majesty the King in promoting a better understanding of the virtues proclaimed by Islam. Now that some years have passed since the publication of the Amman Message and the Amman Interfaith Message, we can say that these worthy initiatives have achieved much good in furthering an alliance of civilizations between the West and the Muslim world, confounding the predictions of those who consider violence and conflict inevitable. Indeed the Kingdom of Jordan has long been at the forefront of initiatives to promote peace in the Middle East and throughout the world, encouraging inter-religious dialogue, supporting efforts to find a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, welcoming refugees from neighboring Iraq, and seeking to curb extremism. I cannot let this opportunity pass without calling to mind the pioneering efforts for peace in the region made by the late King Hussein. How fitting that my meeting tomorrow with Muslim religious leaders, the diplomatic corps and University rectors should take place in the mosque that bears his name. May his commitment to the resolution of the region's conflicts continue to bear fruit in efforts to promote lasting peace and true justice for all who live in the Middle East.
Dear Friends, at the Seminar held in Rome last autumn by the Catholic-Muslim Forum, the participants examined the central role played in our respective religious traditions by the commandment of love. I hope very much that this visit, and indeed all the initiatives designed to foster good relations between Christians and Muslims, will help us to grow in love for the Almighty and Merciful God, and in fraternal love for one another. Thank you for your welcome. Thank you for your attention. May God grant Your Majesties happiness and long life! May he bless Jordan with prosperity and peace!

Day 1 of Pope's Pilgrimage Seen as Success

Vatican Aide Reflects on Pontiff's Idea of Peace for Region
By Mercedes de la Torre
AMMAN, Jordan, MAY 8, 2009 ( Benedict XVI is in the Holy Land as a self-defined "pilgrim of peace," but he hopes to bring the region more than an absence of conflict, says a Vatican aide following the weeklong pilgrimage.
Father Caesar Atuire, the delegate administrator of Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, spoke with ZENIT about the Pope's trip, which began today in Jordan.
The Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi is the Vatican institution whose mission is to evangelize through pastoral tourism and the ministry of pilgrimage.
This trip is important, Father Atuire said, "because he is arriving in a moment in which this land is trying to find a way of living in peace among the various peoples and the Pope truly arrives as a pilgrim of peace."
"He arrives to call all those peoples who believe in the one God to this innate vocation that God has wanted to give to man, so we can seek peace in God and in respect for each other," the priest said.
"The prophet Isaiah presents the Messiah as 'the Prince of Peace,' he who is going to bring peace to the earth. And this is what we truly want: peace. The peace we seek is the biblical 'Shalom,' -- it is not just a question of leaving aside conflict in the sense of wars. We are seeking a deeper peace, meaning man living in harmony with God, with himself, and with others. This is a gift of God and it must be asked for in prayer. We can't obtain it only through political negotiations," he added.
Father Atuire affirmed: "This trip has begun very well with a lot of serenity -- because as always, before all of the Pope's trips, there are a lot of worries, there is a lot of conflict that some people want to stir up. But what we have seen is that the Pope has arrived truly as a messenger of peace.
"He has been welcomed by the people, by the Muslims, by the king who is Muslim, by his family. And he has also wanted to begin his visit visiting the poor, society's most marginalized, and I think this has given a very good start to this trip."

The Holy Father commented on his flight to Jordan: "We Are Not a Political Power, But Rather a Spiritual Force";
I see [a contribution to be made on] three levels: As believers, we are convinced that prayer is a true force. It opens the world to God: We are convinced that God listens and that he can act in history. I think that if millions of people -- believers -- would pray, it could really be a force that could influence and contribute to the advancement of peace.
Second point: We try to help in the formation of consciences. The conscience is the capacity of mankind to perceive the truth, but particular interests often block this capacity. And it is a big job to liberate from these interests, to open more to the truth, to the true values: It is a duty of the Church to help one to know the true criteria, the true values, and to liberate ourselves from particular interests.
And thus, the third point, let us draw reason in as well -- precisely this is it: precisely because we are not a political party, perhaps too we can more easily, with the light of faith, see the true criteria, help bring an understanding of what contributes to peace and speak to reason, to support the truly reasonable positions. And this we have already done, and we want to do so now and in the future.
The only way to bring peace to this region is through the conversion to the true faith. We must unite with the Holy Father in praying for peace, and the conversion of all to Catholicism.
Benedict XVI: Certainly there exists a common message, and there will be an occasion to present it and, despite the difference of origins, we have common roots, because, as I have said, Christianity is born of the Old Testament, and the writings of the New Testament wouldn't exist without the Old, because it refers permanently to Scripture, that is to say, to the Old Testament.
Islam was also born in an environment where Judaism and various branches of Christianity, Judeo-Christianity, Antiochian-Byzantine-Christianity were present, and all these circumstances are reflected in the tradition of the Quran. In this way we have much in common from our origins, in the faith in the one God. For that, it is important on one hand to maintain dialogue with the two parts -- with the Jews and with Islam -- and as well a trilateral dialogue.
I myself have cofounded a foundation for the dialogue between the three religions where figures such as Metropolitain Damaskinos and the chief rabbi of France, René-Samuel Sirat, etc. gathered. This foundation also published an edition of the books of the three religions: the Quran, the New Testament and the Old Testament. For this reason the trilateral dialogue should go forward, it is very important for peace, and as well for living one's own religion well.
St. Micheal defend us!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pancake and Spagetti Dinner

The Meals that were hosted by us Knights, were successfull! I would like to thank all of the Parishoners and everyone that came out and supported us. I also would like to thank all the Knights that came out to help and our Deputy Grand Knight Jimmy Grace and our Past Grand Knight Curt West for running the kitchen. It is events like this that helps us to raise funding for other charitable works: Seminary fund for example. Again Thanks for all your support.