Saturday, May 16, 2009

2009 State Convention

Its that time of year again. Deputy Grand Knight Jimmy Grace and myself Grand Knight Pepe Aguilar are in New Bern, NC this weekend for the state convention of kofc. We will represent Council 9001, and hope that our council gets some more plaques to put on our wall! We did win 2nd place for the council award last nite at the preliminary meeting! This shows how hard we work! Thanks to Father and all the knights that worked so hard!

We exceeded our goal for OP LAMB, raising $2,670.00 for 2008! Thanks to all the Knights and Deputy Grand Knight and LAMB chair Jimmy Grace for all the hard work that was put in passing out Tootsie Rolls.

All in all it was a very motivating Convention and I look forward in passing that motivation on to every one.

Congratulations to our newly elected State Deputy Dave Jones!!! And our Newly Elected Warden Colin Jorsch!!!

Here is a link to the photos I have taken from the convention:

Also check out the state's site for thier postings:

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