Monday, May 11, 2009

Papal Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Knights of Columbus around the world are united in prayer with other Catholics, especially those in the Holy Land, for the success of Benedict XVI’s May 8-15 pilgrimage to the that region. In his Sunday homily in Amman, Jordan the pope told Jordan’s 109,000 Catholics: “As the Successor of Saint Peter, to whom the Lord entrusted the care of his flock, I have long awaited this opportunity to stand before you as a witness to the Risen Savior, and to encourage you to persevere in faith, hope and love, in fidelity to the ancient traditions and the distinguished history of Christian witness which you trace back to the age of the Apostles. The Catholic community here is deeply touched by the difficulties and uncertainties which affect all the people of the Middle East. May you never forget the great dignity which derives from your Christian heritage, or fail to sense the loving solidarity of all your brothers and sisters in the Church throughout the world!”

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