Friday, February 27, 2009

We Believe radio show promotes eccumenical evangelization

"We Believe" is a radio and television show, produced by Catholic Media Productions, in accordance with the documents of the Second Vatican Council. Its founder James F. Walsh Jr., a Roman Catholic deacon, and Dr. Richard Shriver, a protestant minister, join in a series of discussions which introduces the basic teachings of the Catholic faith. It is the sincere hope and prayer of these men that "We Believe" will build a "Bridge of Understanding" among all children of God. Christ is counting on all of us to carry out his work in this world.

The above is a direct quote from the website. Im not so sure anything good came out of Vatican II, but mass confusion (or at least confusion about Holy Mass) and amnesia (inside joke)!!! However from listening to their samples, it seems as though they have a decent dialogue, no one is climbing down the others throat, but they talk with a tone of civility. It would be nice if they would have a segment on the Tridentine mass, if they already haven't. My concern is that even though Vatican II did provide a means for ecumenical dialougue, it doesn't do away with Vatican I, or any of our other traditions and Dogma's. Maybe im being quick to judge, i don't know, this could help someone along the way. Feel free to check out their site by visiting:

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