Thursday, June 25, 2009

NC Silver Rose Run

The NC Silver Rose Run ( A traveling Icon rose in tribute to Our Lady of Guadalope ) will be arriving in Fayetteville on 19 August from Wlimington next to Dunn on the 20th. There are three Roses traveling the United States by the Knights of Columbus to meet up in Texas, then to show a symbolize of unity with our Mexico Knights there will be a crossing the International Bridge, then to its resting place at the Basilica in Monterrey, Mexico. It will be in North Carolina from August 16 until September 6, we will have 21 council that have agreed to be a part of this international program.

Dunn Council 9001 is proud to be a host council for the Rose Run! Stay tuned for event information!

visit the official rose website for more info as well:

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  1. Sir Knight, will the rose actually reside at Sacred Heart at any point during that time?

    [Gentle reminder: you need a new picture of our parish complete with the bell tower and 'city on the hill' white paint--Philip has quite a few (of course :-)]