Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Natus est nobis Salvator Mundi!

May this post greet each of you this Christmas season with all the love and kindness that God has bestowed in us through His only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Even in the darkness and gloom and despair of the times, let us not fall victim to the desolation of secularism.
Let us remember why we celebrate Christmas: Natus est nobis Salvator Mundi! The Savior of the world is born! Though we are all sinners, especially me most of all; God has never once abandoned us. Yet we abandon Him, on a daily basis. I know I do. May He give us the grace not to focus on the secular giving of gifts but rather the sprititual giving of our hearts to God, and our helping hand to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and most importantly to our priests. Let us pray that God provides us with holy seminarians that will become holy priests, that he restores the priests we have to their steadfastness in leading the faithfull according to the true teachings and traditions of Holy Mother Church and that he keeps them of sound mind and health to fullfill their ordained mission on earth; the care of our souls. Let us also pray for the continuing worldwide propagation of the Tridentine Mass and hope for the conversion of our protestant brethren and especially the muslims. Lastly let us ask for the strength and courage to stand alongside our Holy Mother Church and defend Her daily, and to withstand the assaults of Her enemies; God's enemies, so that on the day of our testing we shall not flinch but look evil in the eye and wield our knightly swords beheading that which is evil!
May God's blessings be present with you all. Merry Christ's Mass!

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