Wednesday, March 3, 2010

National Right to Life: Reject Obama's Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill

The Following are e-mails sent to Representative McIntyre, Senator Burr and
Senator Hagan.

I strongly urge you to oppose the health care bill passed by the Senate,
H.R. 3590. This bill contains numerous pro-abortion provisions. The
changes recommended by President Obama on February 22 would make the bill
even worse. The bill would allow direct federal funding of abortion on
demand in Community Health Centers, would provide federal subsidies (tax
credits) for purchase of private health plans that cover elective
abortions, and would authorize federal bureaucrats to order private health
plans to cover abortions, among other problems. I urge you to oppose this
bill no matter what assurances or promises are offered that the problems
will somehow be addressed at a later date. Every lawmaker must be
accountable for his or her vote on the bill as it is written.

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