Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Friday 2010

In commemoration of the Death of Jesus, on Good Friday this year, the Council in conjunction with select Hispanic Men of the parish participated in the second annual Cristo Muerto or Dead Christ procession.

The Body of Christ is carried by prominent Hispanic men of the parish.

The Grand Knight takes point, to lead the procession

The Body of Christ is followed by Father Parkerson and two seminarians Brendan Buckler (who will be ordained a deacon in June) and Philip Johnson as well as several altar servers. Among them the Worthy Chancellor Eddie Sopp.

The Lay Faithful follow behind as well

Dunn's Finest shut down a section of 421 to allow for the procession to continue. They did a great job!

Over 100 were in attendance!

Altar servers incensing the way

Close up of Fr. Parkerson and seminarians

Grand Knight salutes the Body of Christ as it enters back in the church to lay to rest.

Grand Knight also salutes Father and the seminarians for their ultimate sacrifice, because without priests there would be no mass, just like without christ there would be no salvation.

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