Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amazing Grace: What a popular protestant song has to do with Catholics caving in to the culture.


  1. What has happened to the leadership of the K of C?
    Father McGivney would not be proud:

  2. Believe me I am just as frustrated. We have to follow rules and regulations, and I understand Supreme's concept of following certain protocols. I can respect that. However, if there is no corrections made to certain public behaviors (like supporting abortion) then that knight should be expelled if not suspended. Supporting those principles go against the Faith and the Order. I know I may not be perfect. I don't claim to be. But I don't go around taunting against the faith in so bold a public display of heresy.
    We as laypersons cannot judge the soul of anyone. That lies in the hands of God and the clergy. That said Bishops need to step up to the plate and act like Bishops are supposed to. If a politician supports abortion or homosexuality, and goes against the doctrine of the Faith, they are heretics and PROTESTants, and are de facto excommunicated by their actions and cannot receive communion and furthermore should not be allowed to receive. Just as when we commit any mortal sin and are not in a state of grace we are de facto excommunicated and cannot receive. Just because they are in politics and are in the public eye means nothing if they cannot or will not stay true to the teachings of the Church in that regard. It all points back to Vatican II and the emasculation of the priesthood and the future (presently manifested) undermining of Chuch teachings. We have to start this clean up from within ourselves (the Church) and take a stand against liberalism. This will be achieved through the Traditional Latin Mass. This is our weapon of Novus Ordian Mass destruction and the plague that follows it.
    St. Michael, Defend Us!