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Council 9001 is not the only Traditional minded Council in the Order. Deo Gratias! As Fr. Z says "brick by brick". We will fight to undo all that those in higher leadership ignorantly destroys. I call for all those who are serious about knighthood, Catholicism and more importantly standing up for Holy Mother Church without hypocrisy and to do what it is we say we will do; to Unite! We must Unite for Truth. We must spread the Catholic Faith, but more importantly show the treasure of the Latin Mass which will unite the entire church as One, Holy and Catholic just like Christ intended. It will not be ignored, Vatican 2 can not save you from it, because Vatican 2 calls for it. More importantly Holy Father Benedict XVI calls for it. The Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum is real, it is legal and it is Catholic. Ignore it and you will perish. To disobey the Holy Father is sinful. To brush off the Traditional Latin Mass is probably sinful too. (I'm not a cannonist, nor judge of sins on the soul; just an opinion so don't start boo-hooing yet you nose bleeding liberal you [jk]!) Take up your armor, polish it off, get all that dust off of it that Supreme has coated with many layers and let's tell Supreme Knight Carl Anderson that we will not accept complacency, finger pointing and other weaknesses. Are we Men? Are we Catholic? Are we Knights? If you can answer yes to all Three then act like it! Stand up for Truth! Be Courageous!

We have the benefit of the Latin Mass daily. I challenge all knights that see this to do your part, initiate a Traditional Latin Mass. Encourage parishioners to learn about the Latin Mass and to attend one. It's not that hard. You use a Missal in the Novus Ordo mass, just like you use one int the Latin Mass. So what you will have to learn something new. That is the challenge and fun of it. You will learn so much about your Catholic faith that it will definitely be renewed and strengthened. What are you afraid of? Me personally, Hell! I'll take whatever tool I can get to fight off the Devil, the Father of Lies, the Ancient Serpent who is Satan. In the end the Latin Mass will bring Holy Mother Church back to Her Glory and with Her Treasure the Assaults of the Devil will be constantly repelled! Forever! Got Cajones (Huevos)? Put Christ where your mouth is: IN A STATE OF GRACE, on your knees at the altar rail during a Latin Mass. BE A REAL MAN, PRAY THE ROSARY AND GO TO THE TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS!

Visor lift to Fr. Z: post inserted below!

I had a note from a good friend, and very active Knight, who is trying to put together an initiative for traditionally-minded Knights of Columbus.

He pointed out that over the last year several posts here announced Masses in the Extraordinary Form sponsored by Knights of Columbus Councils.

For example, in March there was the Mass for the Feast of the Annunciation sponsored by the Harvard Knights in Cambridge. There were also Masses for the First Friday All-Night Vigil sponsored by the Agnus Dei and Regina Coeli Knights in Manhattan. Also, for the Feast of the Annunciation/Incarnation a year ago also in Manhattan.

I am a Knight myself, though I haven’t been very active as a Knight for some time. I am happy to see the Knights supporting the liturgical renewal Pope Benedict XVI has been trying to initiate, especially through the provisions of Summorum Pontificum. If we want to have a renewal of the life of the Church, we must first renew our liturgical worship. That renewal must include use of the provisions of Summorum Pontificum, which were intended for all the faithful (Universae Ecclesiae 8).

But, this got me wondering … how many Councils of the Knights of Columbus are involved in supporting celebrations of Mass in the extraordinary form?

Are any of these councils in touch with each other?

My guess is that they are not networked

So, having had conversation with a friend who is a Knight, and who is interested in carrying forward an initiative to get different Councils talking to each other, if you know of or are involved with a Knights of Columbus Council that supports or sponsors Mass in the extraordinary form, you might send your contact information to this e-mail address tradknight {at] gmail DOT com which my friend set up to put these councils into contact with each other.

Perhaps a first project could be to set up a meeting of members of traditional Councils and organize, say, a Pontifical Mass.

Just thinking out aloud.


So far there is a good response.

Be sure to write to the email address I indicated above. I am not creating a link, so as to avoid spammers sending to that address.

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