Friday, October 2, 2009


Since its inception in 1974, the LAMB Foundation of North Carolina has raised over $19 million dollars to assist people with intellectual disabilities.

The LAMB Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity and an entirely volunteer organization named from a quotation from Matthew 24:40: ""…whatsoever you do to the Least Among My Brethren, that you do also to me."

It is also the main charity supported by the Knights of Columbus throughout the state. Each year the Knights, their families and friends stand long hours outside shopping centers where they offer free Tootsie Rolls to all passersby and ask for donations to assist groups that aid those with intellectual disabilities. Their smiling faces and bright yellow aprons have become familiar sights throughout this great state.

Another important aspect of the Foundation's fundraising comes from the generosity of corporate and individual donations.
Thanks to that generosity in 2008 alone, LAMB raised just under one million dollars.

As an all- volunteer effort, over 92% of the funds raised go directly to program funding. 85% of the total donations is given to local charities and the remaining 15% is distributed by the Foundation to regional entities assisting those with intellectual disabilities.

Come and support us! We will be at Walmart in Dunn this weekend 10/2-4/2009. Stop in donate and get a free Tootsie Roll!

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