Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Operation L.A.M.B. Tootsie Roll drive

Every year as it comes close to the time to put on our aprons and pass out Tootsie Rolls at our local WalMart we are reminded why it is that we do what we do. Op. Lamb was started in 1974 with its main purpose to raise money for mentally handicapped citizens. Since it's inception it has contributed a substantial amount of money. We spend three grueling days at a time in the sun, sometimes cold. We are greeted by warm smiles by some, sneered at by others and yet even ignored by many as we stand with our collection cans in one hand and our Tootsie Rolls in another.
Even as we are ridiculed by the few we are praised by many who approach us and thank is for helping one of their loved ones who struggles with mental illness. It is in that very moment that new knights are given consolation in what they are doing is good, old knights are re-energized; families are invited to pitch in and share these experiences. The community as well has seen our council at work and for those that don't know us stop by and ask. This leads to us spreading the truths of our Catholic faith, and is a testament to the endeavors of the Order.
With just this one project we are able to do so much and cover so many of our goals and Catholic Knights. We impact the Community, we get our own families involved and we spread the truths of Holy Mother Church. At the end of the day as we rest our weary feet, we are able to sit back and see our good works paid off; the job is never finished however. We are assured that our mission errant was a success, all be it that our council is small and our donations are miniscule compared to others; we make an even greater impact on our community for the sake of the Least of My Brethren, Holy Mother Church and the Order.


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