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nc 4 marriage= 1 man+ 1 woman

Here is a message from

Dear Friend of Marriage,
A new poll ( confirms that the people of North Carolina
overwhelmingly support including the definition of marriage in our State Constitution! Today, the
North Carolina Family Policy released the results of a poll it commissioned, which found that 73
percent of North Carolina voters support an amendment to the State Constitution that would include
the definition of marriage as “only the union of one man and one woman.” Only 17 percent
of likely voters indicated that they would not support the Amendment, while 10 percent were undecided.
The Poll was conducted by the Virginia-based Advantage Incorporated and involved a live
caller telephone survey of 5,009 registered voters in North Carolina. The margin of error was
1.39%, and results were reported by legislative district, as well as statewide. Of those polled, 45 percent
were registered Democrats, 37 percent were registered Republicans, and 18 percent had no
party affiliation, which reflects the actual voter registrations in the state.
The poll is unique in that it is a large enough sample to indicate reliable results by legislative
district. A majority of likely voters in every Senate District in the State would support a Marriage
Protection Amendment, and a majority of likely voters in all but five House Districts would support
the Amendment. In spite of this enormous support, the Defense of Marriage bill has languished
in committee where legislative leaders seem willing to let it die without ever scheduling a
hearing or a vote on the bill.
A second question in the poll confirms that there is overwhelming support among the voters
of the State for legislative candidates who have the courage to take a stand for traditional marriage.
In fact, 71 percent of voters said they were more likely to vote for a legislative candidate who
supports a Marriage Protection Amendment, while 17 percent said they were unlikely to do so.
This issue is one that will actually help candidates for office, rather than hurt them.
Voters were also questioned about whether homosexuality should be taught in public
schools as normal and acceptable behavior. Again, the overwhelming majority, 84 percent, said
they were opposed to such teaching. This is a clear mandate against teaching homosexuality as an
acceptable and normal behavior in the public schools.
The results of the NC Family Policy Council Poll, when contrasted to the results of the
Elon University Poll which we reported to you in our last email, show that the overwhelming majority
of people in North Carolina desire to be given the opportunity to vote on the Marriage Protection
Amendment. They realize that our marriage statutes are subject to being overturned by a
judicially active court, and they desire the highest and best protection for the basic foundation of
our society—marriage.
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April 2009 Volume 32 - No. 10
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If you are one of the 73 percent of North Carolinians who support including the definition
of marriage as the union between only a man and a woman in our State Constitution, let your legislators
hear from you. Please go to to send them a message.
In addition, ask legislative leaders to schedule a fair vote on the Defense of Marriage bill.
Please go to to request a fair vote.
Finally, we need your generous support to continue this battle to get the Marriage Protection
Amendment on the ballot in North Carolina this fall. Please go to to make
a secure online contribution.
We appreciate your prayers and your contributions.
Tami Fitzgerald,
Executive Director,
P.S. The NC Family Policy Council poll has already been picked up by a number of media outlets,
including WRAL-TV here in Raleigh. Click here to see the story. We encourage you to be on the
lookout in your local media for stories on this poll and to defend it in the post-story comment sections.

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