Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe Silver Rose Run

In 1960, a Squires Circle in Monterrey, Mexico, wanted to do something to honor Our
Lady of Guadalupe. They developed a plan to have a rose start out in London, Ontario, and travel
through the United States and ending up in Mexico.
The first year a natural rose was used. For the second year, the original rose had decomposed,
so a bronze rose was used for the run. Later, a silver rose was made and has been making
the run from Canada to Mexico each year.
This year for the first time, three silver roses will be making the trip simultaneously on different
routes through the United States. One of the Roses will pass through North Carolina. It
will arrive from Virginia on Sunday, August 16 and pass to Georgia on Sunday, September 6.
There will be prayer booklets traveling with the Rose, so that a prayer service could be held each
evening at a different location as it travels around our state. The ideal is to have the Rose run from
location to location, but traveling by car is acceptable.
The entry point into North Carolina has not yet been established but we plan to transfer it
to Georgia between Franklin, North Carolina and Clayton, Georgia.

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