Monday, November 16, 2009

Supreme Knight Receives Rome’s ‘Lupa Capitolina’ Award

This just in from Supreme's website:

The mayor of Rome bestowed a prominent honor on Supreme Knight Carl Anderson in recognition of the Order's long-standing contributions to the city.

In honor of nearly 90 years of service by the Knights of Columbus in Rome, the city honored the head of the Order with its ‘Lupa Capitolina’ award October 28.

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson received the award from Rome’s mayor, Giovanni Alemanno, Wednesday, October 28.

“I am honored to receive this award from the City of Rome for the great work the Knights of Columbus have done there for nearly a century,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. “As both the ,‘ eternal city’ and the center of the Catholic Church, Rome has a special place in the hearts of the Knights of Columbus, and we look forward to another 90 years of service in this great city.”

The Knights have been active in Rome since 1920, when a delegation of Knights led by the then Supreme Knight James Flaherty met with Pope Benedict XV. The Pontiff encouraged the Knights to expand their work in Rome.

Later that decade, the Knights opened several recreational facilities use by the youth of Rome. An additional facility was opened in the 1950s.

Today, the Knights continue to operate four of these facilities, which are regularly used by the young residents of Rome. In 1965, the grounds of one of the facilities was donated by the Order for the construction of a papal audience hall, where the pope regularly receives pilgrims visiting the Eternal City.

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