Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

I noticed this sign the other day posted by our lost brethren. It made me think of the Holy Eucharist and Holy Mass. That indeed is something that we as Catholics should be thankful for. It is my understanding that protestants "celebrate" the remembrance of the Last Supper. However they do not partake of the full benefits that we as Catholics are quite privy too, if we are in a state of grace. They ignorantly deny His Real Presence. This "community thanksgiving dinner" is what we Catholic's call the Holy Mass. Convert and experience the Real Presence. Then you shall see the way, the truth, the light: Jesus Christ. And upon completion of conversion you too can share in the 2000 year tradition and graces only found in Holy Mother Church. Why settle for a fake. Would you waste your money on a fake Rolex or a fake BMW or Mercedes. Nope! I would rather invest in something real and tangible like the Catholic faith because when your soul is on the line, you might want to be right.

The Holy Mass is the highest form of worship. It is the sacrifice of Calvary renewed. One mass gives God more praises and thanksgiving, make more atonement for sin, and pleads more eloquently than does the combined and eternal worship of all the souls in heaven, earth and in purgatory. The Tridentine Mass especially, although it is often scoffed at because of its use of Latin. People freeze and get scared. They only have to learn enough Latin to understand whats going on. I mean that's why a Missal was produced. You can buy one for personal study, or use the church's. It may seem overwhelming, but it is so beautiful. More that than touchy feely, holding hands during the Our Father, desecration of a mass: Novus Ordo. In the words of my fellow Traditional Catholic, the Caveman:

"This Mass (Tridentine) goes back 1,500 years. You can't get much more traditional than that. This is the Mass whose roots, the words of Consecration itself, goes all the way back to the exact words used by Sts. Peter and Paul when they preached in pagan Rome.

This is the Mass that inspired Catholic Warriors to defend Christendom at the Battle of Lepanto, the Battle of Vienna, during the Holy Crusades, etc. This is the Mass that strengthened centuries upon centuries of martyrs as they were led away to be beheaded, burned or have their guts slit open and their insides ripped out... all for the high crime of being Catholic."

In the Holy Mass, it IS Jesus Christ, God as well as Man, who is our intercessor, our Priest, and our Victim. Jesus is truly present in body, soul and divinity. In about the 700th year of Our Lord, in a monestary, a priest of the Order of St. Basil was celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Tridentine form. He had been suffering from the recurring doubts concerning the mystery of transubstantiation (the changing of the bread and wine to the body and blood of Christ). After he spoke the solemn words of consecration the host was suddenly changed into a circle of flesh and the wine transformed into blood. Many verification of this miricle have been performed. the most recent was in 1971 where in a detailed medical and scientific terminology the conclusion was held that: the flesh was indentified as striated muscular tissue of the myocardium (heart wall) having no trace whatsoever of materials or agents used to preserve the flesh from decay. Both the flesh and blood were found to be of human origin and classified as type AB. This is the miracle of Lanciano. The relics are in Church of St. Francis, Lanciano Italy.

We as Catholics have the benefit of attending mass everyday of the week for as long as we have priests. Unlike the protestants who cut themselves off from the benefits of the Mass. Let us pray for their conversion, and for the souls of those in purgatory. Nobody would think about them, but they are there. I bet if they could they would assist in the conversion of their protestant family members, for their sake and the sake of those living outside of the graces of Holy Mother Chuch. I'm sure we haven't heard this enough but we need to pray for our priests, and for our future priests the seminarians. We need more Holy, devout, traditional priests to serve the Tridentine Mass.

Thanksgiving although it is known as a federal holiday is not a holiday. Since 1621, when the Plymouth colonists and their native neighbors shared their first thanksgiving feast, people have gathered to give thanks. Thanksgiving is the very first national "holiday", proclaimed by President George Washington in 1789 as “a day of public thanksgiving and prayer. President Abraham Lincoln revived the Thanksgiving tradition during the Civil War. He asked God to “heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it as soon as may be consistent with the Divine purposes to full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquility, and Union. A Holiday refers to a Holy Day of Obligation in which Holy Mother Church mandates that we are obliged to attend Mass. Let us this year show our thanks to God for all that he has provided for us, and shall continue to provide for us. Let us pray for our servicemen overseas, or nation, and its political leaders that they shall make decisions that are just but also morally adventageous. Especially from a Catholic standpoint. Most importantly let us be thankful for being Catholic and being able to worship via Holy Mass in the Latin rite.

Thank You God for giving us priests that are dedicated to the propogation of the Tridentine Mass! Provide us with an abundance of priests of like dedication.


  1. How do I obtain a high resolution image of the painting you posted of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (with the saints on both sides of the altar)? This image is one of the paintings on the right side of your webpage and has a label under it "Holy Sacrifice of the Mass" I need it for the cover of my wedding Mass program, asap!! Thank you!

  2. It's probably too late now but,just saw ur comment as I was going through some things. I got it from google images as i searched under traditional latin mass.