Wednesday, March 4, 2009


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Let us give an applause to Chet Pajerski, he completed his Third Degree this weekend and joins the ranks as a "full-fledged" Knight. One more step to go for the Cape and Sword!!!! Good Job Chet!!!!!
Future Third degree dates are as follows:
03-07-09 Charlotte 10852
03-14-09 Hickory 6451
03-21-09 Jacksonville
3574 Fayetteville
03-28-09 Kill Devil Hills 8759
04-18-09 Clemmons 9499
04-25-09 Camp Lejune 1320 Cancelled & changed to 3-21-09 Jacksonville 3574
05-02-09 Raleigh 2546
05-23-09 Arden 8923
06-06-09 Garner 11266

We finnally have a new Financial Secretary: Shawn Sparrow will undertake the duties of this office. Thanks Shawn for stepping up when the Council needed you.

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