Saturday, March 28, 2009

Help Counter Pro-Homosexual Lobby in NC legislature

Write your NC House Representative and State Senator a note telling them you OPPOSE these two bills and you want them to vote NO on passage of these measures.
If you don't let your voices be heard, the only voices these people will hear are the lobbyists promoting these bills!!

Equality NC, a pro-homosexual lobbying group and its allies are vigorously working for the passage of two bills that would promote the normalization of homosexuality in the public schools.
March 25, 2009
Dear Walter J.,
Our friends at Christian Action League, AFA's state affiliate, have alerted us to dangerous legislation before the state legislature.HB 548 and SB 526, The School Violence Prevention Act (the Bullying Bill) would require local school boards to amend their existing bullying policies to include "sexual orientation" and "gender identity or expression". The measure would not only create a protected status in North Carolina's pubic schools for homosexuality, bisexuality, cross dressing and other alternative sexual behaviors, but would also require schools to teach these behaviors are normal and acceptable.HB 88 - The Healthy Youth Act would supplant Abstinence Until Marriage (AUM) sex education as the standard for North Carolina's children with Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE). While the current standard, the AUM curriculum teaches "a mutually faithful monogamous heterosexual relationship in the context of marriage is the best lifelong means of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS," CSE would teach "respect for marriage and committed relationships" - opening the door to present unmarried heterosexual relationships as well as homosexual, bisexual and multi-partner relationships as equal with traditional marriage.CSE would become the standard for North Carolina's children, meaning that unless a parent intervenes requesting their child take AUM, then the child would be placed directly into CSE. CSE should not be the standard sex education curriculum for North Carolina's children!
Take Action!
Send an e-mail to your Representative and Senator and asking them to oppose these two egregious bills (The Healthy Youth Act and the Bullying Bill). And while you are at it, tell them of your support for SB 272 and HB 361 - The Defense of Marriage bills.

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