Wednesday, March 4, 2009 is the website for a new effort to provide for a State Marriage Protection Amendment in North Carolina. Much, much information is available there.

Keep your eyes and ears open for fast-breaking developments on this effort as things need to move (and are moving) quickly in the NC House and Senate. Past attempts in the state
legislature have been prevented from coming to a vote by the legislative leadership. Major efforts are underway to get these leaders to allow our elected representatives, and us voters, the opportunity to express our will on this vital matter.

The fact is that while NC does have laws that define marriage as a union between one man and one woman at one time, these may be overturned by a judge if someone is able to convince that judge to do so. This has already happened in a number of states, where judges have essentially overturned laws enacted by duly elected representatives. Also, NC is the only southeastern state not to have such a provision in the State Constitution. Finally, both of our Bishops are firmly behind this effort and have publicly endorsed the effort.

It’s interesting that North Carolina is the only southern state that does not have a marriage
amendment to their constitution. Our legislators and clergy of our state want this legislation to
pass. It will allow the voters in North Carolina to be given the opportunity to decide what constitutes a marriage. As Bishop Jugis explained, this is not gay bashing, as Catholics we have a responsibility to love and respect everyone. This legislation is allow the citizens of our state to definewhat a marriage is, rather than have a judge somewhere in the state decide.

So what can you do to support this action?
Pray. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have. Learn about the issue. Go to or the to understandwhy this is so important.

Make your voice heard. Join your other parishioners and sign the petition to let the people vote
and decide the issue.

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