Saturday, March 14, 2009

This week's fight for religious freedom in Connecticut

(March 13, 2009) - When the Connecticut senate and house co-chairmen of the Judiciary Committee introduced Bill 1098 on March 5, they apparently hoped few would notice until it was too late. The measure proposed to strip the bishops and priests of the state of all administrative authority over their own churches, a blatantly unconstitutional intervention in the internal affairs of a church. The Knights of Columbus quickly joined the bishops and the Connecticut Catholic Conference in a public condemnation of the bill. The bill's sponsors were taken by surprise, and cancelled a planned Wednesday hearing. But some 5,000 Catholics from all around the state came to Hartford for a protest rally at noon on March 11, when the hearing had originally been scheduled to begin.
Supreme Knight Carl Anderson delivered a strongly worded speech, along with Archbishop Henry Mansell, Bishop (and Supreme Chaplain) William Lori, and Bishop Michael Cote. You can watch the video of the speeches by going to this web page:
You can read more about the rally and the controversy here:
Read the Supreme Knight's op-ed column in the Stamford Advocate here:

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